Luxury Watch Insurance 


Your Home Insurance may cover most of your possessions, but does it cover your watch? If you own watches that are of a particularly high value, it’s possible that these precious possessions of yours simply aren’t covered, or at least not in the way you would hope.

At Cystar, we can make sure that you have the cover you need with a Luxury Watch Insurance policy that’s tailored to you. As well as ensuring that the value of your watches is fully insured with like-for-like cover if they are lost, damaged or stolen, we can provide cover for your personal possessions away from the home, as well as cover for accidental damage.

Whether you have a large collection of watches or just one extra-special watch you want to ensure is safeguarded, simply get in touch with Cystar today and our experienced brokers will work to provide you with the cover that truly meets your needs.

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