Motor Trade & Motor Fleet Insurance


Working with vehicles can bring its own set of challenges, particularly if the vehicles you work with are not necessarily your own. Whether you work as a motor trader, or simply rely on a fleet of commercial vehicles for your business to function, the insurance brokers at Cystar can help ensure that you have the cover you need.

We’re able to arrange cover that looks after your vehicles, those of your clients and also any of your staff which may be required to drive or care for them which is perfect for garages, vehicle recoverers and car dealerships. As well as covering the vehicles you handle, we can also cover your buildings, contents and equipment, as well as providing your motor trade business with the right liability cover.

If you don’t deal in vehicles but simply use a commercial fleet as a part of your business, we can make sure that all your vehicles and drivers are covered under one convenient policy, with one renewal date.

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